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Not enough time to train your dog ?

Going on holiday ? 

Why not have your dog trained whilst you are away on holiday ?

We take all breeds/ages of dogs , specialising in all types of obedience training, from basic pet training through to more specialist work required for dogs with behavioural or obedience problems.

All our training is carried out using positive praise/reward methods that are proven to work,every dog is an individual and thus treated as such,our methods are adapted to suit their individual ability and needs.

Owners are always delighted with the results we have achieved, often hardly believing its the same dog that they dropped off,and always commenting how happy and willing their dogs are to please,that in itself shows the dogs have enjoyed their stay with us. ( see clients comments on our guest page).

Whilst your dog is with us, we recommend that you allow us to carefully integrate your dog with our own dogs, thus becoming part of the 'pack', this enables dogs to learn valuable lessons about reading other dogs body language, which encourages  them to be more sociable when out and about on walks in multi dog  situations.
During their stay they can be introduced to various livestock including our long suffering cats !They will enjoy the same long walks around our small holding that our own dogs enjoy, being bored sitting in a kennel, is NOT on the agenda.We will even take them out for the day at the beach !


                                                                  A client training on Pembrey beach with our Pugs as a distraction !!.
    Often unwanted behaviour in the home or when out on a walk is inadvertently being encouraged by owners through subtle bad management and inappropriate body language,with changes to the day to day management of  your dog ,learned behaviour patterns can usually be modified easily, thus making your dog more wiling and happy  to learn.
 By having a better understanding of how your dog thinks will enable you to use more effective methods to train your dog.

  You will be very pleasantly surprised by the results we can achieve.All the training is carried out using consistency, kindness, positive reinforcement, dog psychology, and most importantly play & PRAISE, a happy dog is a dog who will learn.

Follow up support and advice are always available by email or phone after any training.

I pride myself in offering totally flexible training, always adapted to YOUR dog, using methods that are appropriate to your dog and its problems - if any. 
I have specialised in  training dogs of all breeds with specific behavioural problems for over 35 years with tremendous success ( see my guest page)
I am happy to work with all ages of dogs from baby puppies just starting out - ensuring that you the owner are making things easy for your puppy to understand by using the correct methods - to much older dogs with perhaps more serious retraining requirements.

I only ever take a maximum of two dogs at any one time in for training to ensure I have unlimited time at my disposel to spend with your dog.

BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT   Phone or email me to discuss your requirements  07833630605


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